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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Morae - Usability Testing: Using Morae: Part 2 - Steps 11-18

Covers the basic functions of Moarae: recording and exporting

Part 2 Creating AVI or WMV files for later viewing - Steps 11-18

  1. Select the “Produce to File” option. Click next.
  2. If you have created more than one storyboard (one for each recording) you can now choose to convert all (or any) of them to AVI or WMV at this point.  We only have a single storyboard with content in this example.  Select the storyboards you want to export then click Next.
    production wizard
  3. We recommended that you use a lossless AVI format (meaning you won’t get fuzzy/blurry text/ images from your desktop recording, key if you are trying to read/see exactly what your users did). Select AVI and click Next.
  4. Select “Largest Video Size” at the next screen, and click “Next”
    largest video
  5. Keep all the defaults at the next screen, and select Finish
    produce video
  6. At this point Morae will convert your Morae recordings in to AVI files (or WMV, if you chose that option).  This step can take a good deal of time- approaching a 1:1 ratio in the worst case (every minute of Morae recording will take a minute to produce in AVI or WMV format). So if you are converting 4 hours of Morae recordings, it might take as long as 4 hours to produce the WMV or AVI files (but it will usually be slightly quicker).  Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule to create these.
  7. That’s it! You can now access your AVI or WMV files in your “My Videos” folder located at C:\Users\YourNETID\Videos. You can also access your original Morae recordings (but you’ll need a copy of Morae Manager to do so) at: C:\Users\YourNETID\Documents\Morae
  8. Finally, remember to (eventually) move all your Morae recordings and WMV or AVI videos off the local machine and into your own storage device when you’ve finished making and exporting your Morae recordings for your project.

For further assistance, contact Dena Strong,, (217) 265-5376.