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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Morae - Usability Testing: Using Morae: Part 2 - Steps 6-10

Covers the basic functions of Moarae: recording and exporting

Part 2 Creating AVI or WMV files for later viewing - Steps 6-10

  1. Click Finish
    Import recordsings step 2 of 2 finish
  2. Select the “Present” Tab on the upper-left hand portion of the screen:
  3. You will need to create a storyboard  (near the bottom of the screen) for each recording you want to convert to AVI or WMV.  You can use the initial (empty) one titled “Storyboard,” or you can create a new Storyboard by clicking on the next empty tab.  We suggest you name the storyboard the same as the subject/recording you are going to export.
  4. Next, click and drag a recording (the bold, recording name, not any of the subdirectories below it) from the Project panel down to the storyboard group you just created.
    drag a recording
  5. Next, from the menu at the top of the screen, select File > Produce and Share > Highlight Video