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Music 313: The History of Music I: Library Catalog Hints for Mus313


Detailed hints for how to use the catalog to find books, scores, and recordings can be found in the tabs under "Finding Music Materials." This page will talk about specifics for Mus313.


Use course materials and reference tools such as Grove or history texts to identify certain composers or types of music you want to focus on. Then use the tips at right to find more materials about them in the library catalog.

Catalog tips

There are several ways to find materials on your piece/topic in the library catalog.

1. By composer

Use the composer name as an author (if you want works by them) or as a subject (if you want writings about them)


2. Through subject heading searches

By composer name (see above)

By genre--always use plural to find scores and recordings*

Madrigals, English.


By era

Motet - 15th century. (when talking about a genre as a subject, then it's singular)*

Sacred vocal music - 15th century.

Music - 16th century - History and criticism.

*could search with motet* to find all "motet" and "motets" (or motet? in the old catalog)

By topic

Performance practice (Music)-500-1400

Performance practice (Music)-15th Century


3. Keyword searches

"renaissance music"

"16th century music"

"instrumental music" and "15th century"

Subject Guide

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