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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Finding Journal Articles in Music

More choices

As a graduate student, you will frequently need to go beyond the "quick search." Either you will need things that are older than are contained in the standard music journal databases, or your research will be interdisciplinary and will take you to areas beyond RILM and MI.

> Historical Coverage

> Interdisciplinary Tools

> Beyond Music

Historical Coverage

UIUC also subscribes to many historic newspaper files (e.g., The London Times) which can have concert reviews and other contemporaneous accounts of 19th century composers and their music.

Interdisciplinary Tools

If your topic is interdisciplinary, or if you want context for your topic outside of the music world, you should consider using a non-music-specific journal database. The University subscribes to hundreds, covering just about every subject. Here are a few suggestions. For databases from the Ebsco vendor you can choose to search them simultaneously.

Humanities and General