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Learn how to navigate, analyze, and visualize U.S. Census data using GeoLytics web applications.

Citing GeoLytics Data

When you use GeoLytics to produce maps, tables, or datasets for research or publication, you must cite GeoLytics as the source of the data. The standard format for a citation is:

"Product Name", GeoLytics, Inc., East Brunswick, NJ, Year Published.

The following are suggested formats for common citation styles. Some judgment calls have been made in determining these formats, as standards have not yet been established for online demographic data. We suggest using publication dates for the CD versions of GeoLytics demographic data, which have the same content as what's online. You may find publication dates by searching for GeoLytics demographic data on CD using WorldCat.


Format Example
APA Title. (Year of publication). GeoLytics [online demographic data]. Place of publication: Name of publisher. CensusCD 1990 Long Form in 2000 Boundaries. (2002). Geolytics [online demographic data]. East Brunswick, NJ: GeoLytics, Inc.
MLA Author. "Title". Year of publication. Place of publication. Name of publisher. Web. Date accessed.
GeoLytics. "CensusCD Neighborhood Change Database Long Form". 2003. East Brunswick, NJ. GeoLytics, Inc. Web. 22 October 2010.
Chicago "Title". Name of publisher, Place of publication, Year of publication.
"CensusCD 1980 in 2000 Boundaries", GeoLytics, Inc., East Brunswick, NJ, 2004.


Using Geolytics Data for Web Projects

Geolytics requires a special license for posting their data on the web in a manipulable format:

Posting Maps and Data to the Web

If you are interested in creating software or web-enabled products using Geolytics data, their guidance is here:

Embedding Our Maps and Data into New Software or Web Enabled Product

Because the Library already has a license to Geolytics's online data, please contact the Scholarly Commons if you think you might need a professional license to the Geolytics data.

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