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Modern Japan (Meiji, Taisho, Showa): Government Documents

This guide provides information on databases and other online resources in Japanese language.

Japanese Collection & Resources

For more information on Japanese Collection at UIUC and Japanese Studies resources, see Japanese Collection page.

Foreign Affairs Digital Archives

Foreign Affairs Documents Digital Archives

外務省 外交資料館 日本外交文書デジタルアーカイブ


Digital images of foreign affairs documents provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Kokuritu Kobun Shokan (National Archives of Japan)



This searchable database contains digitized images of documents, photographs and maps held at the National Archives.

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Meiji Hōsō Bunko

Meiji Hōsō Bunko -HIroshima Shūdō University

明治法曹文庫 広島修道大学図書館


Digital images of books on legal systems from Meiji era, which documents the process of Japan consolidating legal systems to become a law-abiding nation.