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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History 200F: Class and Citizenship in Postwar America: the Rise and Fall of the American Working Classes

A course guide, focusing on 1930-2000.

On this Page:

This is a page of example searches. Use the strategies demonstrated by the librarian to find an available copy of the resource described.

1. Online Catalog

Online Catalog.

  1. Find an available copy of a book called African Americans, Labor, and Society : Organizing for a New Agenda.
  2. Find an available copy of Black Americans and Organized Labor by Paul D. Moreno.
  3. Find an available copy of American Labour, France, and the Politics of Intervention, 1945-1952: Workers and the Cold War by Stephen Burwood.
  4. Find books about the Cold War and the labor movement in the United States.

2. America: History and Life

America: History and Life.

  1. Find articles on women's employment during the Great Depression.
  2. Find articles on migrant workers in the Midwest.
  3. Find reviews of a book entitled Radio's America: the Great Depression and the rise of modern mass culture.
  4. Find articles on the efforts of agricultural workers to unionize.

3. Newspapers

  1. Find newspaper articles on plant closings in the steel industry.
  2. Find articles about the efforts of the United Farm Workers to organize grape pickers.
  3. Compare ads for cosmetics in U.S. newspapers published in 1941 and 1961.