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Learning Objects

helping to improve teaching and learning through digital materials

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While the tools for teaching and learning have drastically changed over time, the fundamentals remain the same. We hope this site helps to answer your questions about using digital materials in education to build upon your ideas.

What is a Learning Object?

Learning Objects are digital materials with defined instructional value that can be used in a variety of ways to improve teaching and learning.

The ability to share quality teaching materials, targeting specific and known instructional goals, can help teachers and librarians develop an excellent teaching curriculum more quickly. Learners benefit from the ability to repeat an activity as many times as required to gain a full understanding of a concept. 

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Learning about Learning Objects

Effective Learning Objects

Learning Objects in the Library

We use a variety of digital objects at the library:

Our tutorials are produced with Camtasia, audio & podcasts with Audacity, screen shots with SnagIt,  images for Photoshop, webpages in Dreamweaver and our live video is produced with Adobe Premier.

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