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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bloomberg: Basics

Introduction to the Bloomberg Professional Service.

The Help Key

The Help Key (green, in the upper left corner of the keyboard) has two main functions:

1. If you enter a keyword at top of screen and press HELP, you can search the entire Bloomberg database for mentions of that keyword.  This a great way to search, especially if you're new to the system and don't know what to look for.

2. Press HELP twice to open a chat window with a Bloomberg Help Desk representative.

Bloomberg Shortcuts & Tips

MAIN GO: The main page/table of contents for the Bloomberg system

GRAB GO: Take screenshots and email them to yourself

LAST  GO: Display a list of the last 8 functions

To learn more shortcuts and tips, type EASY and press GO .

For help contact:

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University of Illinois Library
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1408 West Gregory Drive
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