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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

World Music

This guide can help you begin upper level research into ethnomusicology and world music topics.


This page focuses on fieldwork resources - including manuals, guides, and collections of critical reflections as well as relevant technology and equipment. The material collected here can help you study and evaluate fieldwork methods in your discipline, or prepare to conduct fieldwork in the course of your own research.

  • The first box includes selected books from the catalog for fieldwork both in ethnomusicology and other disciplines with relevant methodologies. To find additional materials, try a search in the library catalog for "fieldwork" with "musicology", "ethnomusicology", "ethnography", or "ethnology", or for particular methods like "oral history" or "interview methodology"
  • Next, you'll find a sampling of publicly available resources including best practices documentation from prominent cultural organizations
  • Finally, at the bottom of the page we've highlighted some technology and language learning resources

Selected Guides, Criticism, and Manuals for Fieldwork

Resources from other disciplines that often conduct fieldwork may also be useful! A sampling of titles are listed below to get you started, but you can find more books about ethnology and anthropology fieldwork in the Library catalog.

Publicly Available Resources

This box collects publicly available resources, including best practices documentation from cultural and governmental organizations.

Technology & Language Resources

Technology Resources (both on and off campus)

Language learning resources available through the University of Illinois