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Nutrition: Animal Sciences: Nutrition Research Resources

A collection of resources for students and researchers in nutrition in the Animal Sciences department.


Databases are large, regularly updated files of articles from journals, magazines, and trade publications related to a specific subject or field. The databases listed below are related to agriculture, economics, and business.

Some database coverage overlaps (i.e., some databases collect the same articles from the same journals), but you will find different results by searching in different databases. When you're aiming to be comprehensive in your research, it's a good idea to search more than one database.

Electronic Books

Animal Nutrition Journals

These journals are related to animal nutrition; you can see a short description of the journal if you hold your cursor over the title. Journals on this list were selected by impact factor, a measure of the journal’s relative importance.

If you need to know how to find a specific journal title that is not listed here, check out this guide

Government Info

Subject Guide

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