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Music 499: Music Business: Finding journal articles


Some titles of interest for this class.

Journal Databases

These databases are recommended for you to find articles for this class. Mouse over the links for more information about each database.

Finding articles on your topic

You know the journal name

If you have a particular publication that you need to find articles from, there are two approaches.

  1. Use the Online Journals & Databases tool and search under the "Title" tab for the name of the journal.

    journal name search


    You will get a screen that looks something tlike this and you can click on any of the options to search for articles from the dates covered in that source:

     SFX results screen


    By clicking the discover link, you can see if the library has the journal you are looking for.

    Discover button

      1. Or, go to the library catalog and do a search for the journal's name, it will tell you what holdings we have in print, and will also tell you some or all of the journal's online availabilty.

        You know the database name

        Search under the "Title" tab for the name of the journal.  In many cases the name will automatically pop up in the search engine.  You could also search for the title of the journal in the library catalog and it will provide a link to the journal's SFX entry.

        You know the exact citation

        If you know the exact citation of an article you want (Journal name, issue, author, article title) click the “CitationLinker” tab. After entering the basic information, you will be directed to specific databases that contain the article you are looking for. This tool can be especially helpful when browsing the bibliography of a book or article.

        You have no idea where to start

        If you are looking for ideas for what database to use to search for articles on your topic, type in a couple of key words related to what you are searching for such as “music and computers” or “music and nineteenth century.” Your results will include journals that relate to these topics if there are any.

        Example Music Business Articles

        Other article examples are listed under the "Finding Data" and "Copyright and Licensing Resources" tabs of this guide.

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