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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Purchasing and Supply Management

This web page has been created for Business Administration 324.

LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations

Encyclopedia of American Industries

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries

Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies (FAITS)

You can browse the reports by topic and type, or you can type some keywords in the box on the top to start your search.

here for database help.

First Research Industry Profiles

Hoover's Academic Pro


At the main screen choose between logging into the industry reports or procurement reports databases by clicking its corresponding 'Login' button

Within Industry Reports, the simplest way to find industry information is to enter an industry name or NAICS code in the search box and click the magnifying glass just to the right of it.

Procurement reports can be searched by keywords or company name

Mergent Online

To find company reports, use the "company search" window on the left side of the home page. You can limit your search to companies in a specific country. Make sure the "International Company Database" box on the left side is checked. Then, click on the "Country" drop-down menu on the right side, select the name, and click search.

Once you have found a company and reached its "company details" page; click the "filings" tab. You will see a table containing details of the company's recent filings. The icons in the "view documents" tab will provide you with various formats for viewing the filings.

 If the filing you are looking for is more than 90 days old; you will need to use the EDGAR search function. In the "company search" section; select the Government Filings tab near the top of the page and enter a company name or ticker symbol. 

In the "filing date search" section; specify a time frame for your search. Finally; in the "filing type" section; specify what type of filings you are interested in. (Again; Form 10-K is the government-required annual report for publicly-traded companies.)

Mergent Online also has financial ratios. Chad Boenniger at Ohio State has a good video describing how to search the database for individual companies or creating reports which compare ratios of company peers within industries for checking your work when making ratio calculations.  


Secretaries of states

Lexis Nexis Academic Universe

Consider using this database to search for legal and regulatory information relevant to purchasing and supply management in individual states.

From the Lexis Nexis home page, click "U.S. Legal" and then "States Statutes, Codes, and Regulations" on the left column. On the next page, click "Search all State Codes in Power Search." On the final page, select the "natural language" radio button and search for "'secretary of state' procurement." Be sure to enclose the phrase "secretary of state" in quotation marks.

SIC & NAICS codes

These government tools can help you label products and industries:

Enter industry or product type (not brand name). You may have to follow the broader categories, especially for industry overviews. NAICS is a new system meant to replace the SIC codes. Conversion between SIC and NAICS is available here.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys