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Encyclopedia of American Industries

Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries

Faulkner Advisory for IT Studies (FAITS)

You can browse the reports by topic and type, or you can type some keywords in the box on the top to start your search.

here for database help.

First Research Industry Profiles


At the main screen choose between logging into the industry reports or procurement reports databases by clicking its corresponding 'Login' button

Within Industry Reports, the simplest way to find industry information is to enter an industry name or NAICS code in the search box and click the magnifying glass just to the right of it.

Procurement reports can be searched by keywords or company name

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac 2015

Plunkett's Entertainment & Media Industry Almanac 2015

Available via Ebrary, this guide provides an overview of major trends and business intelligence about the entertainment and media industries, including publishing, performing arts, TV, radio, cable stations, gaming (casino), and amusement parks.  It is useful as a general data resource and introduction to the industry as well as for strategic planning or company research. 

The directory is divided between profiles of 406 leading companies and industry-specific data and analysis, focused on the U.S. but including global firms.

Each company profile includes financial data and profits (if publicly traded), key contacts, industry codes, information about top executive compensation, and estimates about advancement for women and minorities. The companies are also ranked according to different criteria, such as which are the most profitable or the largest employers.

The industry-wide resources include analysis of major trends, statistical tables, market research, and professional association contact information.

Note: you cannot download the book or the pages within the book, but you can read online and print pages as needed. 

Plunkett also has a brief video introduction to the entertainment industry, available here:

SIC & NAICS codes

These government tools can help you label products and industries:

Enter industry or product type (not brand name). You may have to follow the broader categories, especially for industry overviews. NAICS is a new system meant to replace the SIC codes. Conversion between SIC and NAICS is available here.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys