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Krannert Center Events: 2023-2024 Season

About This Event

Ain Gordon, writer/director/performer
Josh Quillen, composer/performer

Ain Gordon as writer/director/performer and Josh Quillen as composer/performer with dramaturgy by Talvin Wilks and lighting design by Jennifer Tipton. Relics… builds on the team’s last collaboration Radicals In Miniature which premiered at Baryshnikov Arts Center (New York Times Critic’s Pick). Where Radicals… tributed personal icons from Gordon’s youth on New York's performance scene, Relics… frames a story from Quillen’s Ohio family: their 3-year odyssey following his father Jerry’s 2006 ALS diagnosis. Three “relics” undergird this work. First, in 2019, Gordon & Quillen visited Quillen’s mom, Sue, recording an interview from her perspective as caretaker during Jerry’s illness. That transcript serves as foundational text with Ain voicing Sue and Josh voicing himself. Second, Sue offered up Jerry’s journal chronicling the arc of his disease in headlines: “feel better” only to reverse the next day with “limp, tired.” Third, Jerry made a 17-track playlist (sorry but you must see the work to learn why). The playlist ranges from “One Less Bell to Answer” to “Free Bird” and is reimagined by Quillen and Gordon from song elements (a 3-note key progression or a foot stomped rhythm)—overlayed by text—or morphing into newly composed songs utilizing phrases from Jerry’s journal (“I’ve a little drag in my foot”).  These elements are framed by Gordon’s recall of his first visit with Sue over dinner in Quillen’s childhood home—and the surprising extra person seated at that dining room table.

Saturday October 14, 2023 at 7:30PM CT and Sunday October 15, 2023 at 3:00PM CT in the Studio Theatre

See the Krannert Center website for more details and to purchase tickets.

BAC Presents I Ain Gordon with Josh Quillen "Radicals in Miniature" I Spring 2017 (Excerpt)