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Cross National Time-Series: 2018 Edition


Cross National Time-Series Data: 2018 Edition

The archive has almost 200 variables and contains data for almost 200 country units, with provision entries from 1815 (excluding the two wartime periods, 1914-1918 and 1940-1945). The basic structure of the data is that of a rectangular matrix of periodically augmented records, each encompassing data for one country-year. (from the User's Manual)



In this dataset

Domestic Conflict Event Data


General Strikes

Guerrilla Warfare

Government Crises




Anti-Government Demonstrations

Weighted Conflict Index

Links to sources for each Event

Legislative Process Data

Number of Seats, Largest Party in Legislature

Size of Legislature (Lower House)

Effectiveness of Legislature

Competitiveness of Nominating Process

Party Coalitions

Party Legitimacy

Size of Legislature/Number of Seats, Largest Party

Composite Index

Seven-Year Average

Seven-Year Total

Electoral Data

Percent Voter Turnout, Legislature

Registered Voters

Registered Voters/Population

Votes Cast, Lower House of Legislature

Votes Cast, Lower House of Legislature/Population

Industrial and Labor Force

Percent GDP Originating in Industrial Activity

Per Capita GDP Originating in Industrial Activity

Percent Work Force in Agriculture

Percent Work in Industry

Percent Work Force in Other Activity

International Status Indicators Data

International Status Ranking

International Status, Case Size

International Status, Composite Score

International Status, Composite Standardized Score

International Status, Quintile

International Status, Weighted Rank

International Status, Weighted Status Ordering

International Status, Weighted Quintile

Mail Data

First Class Mail

First Class Mail Per Capita

All Letter-Post Mail

All Letter-Post Mail Per Capita

Media Data


Radios Per Capita


Televisions Per Capita

Daily Newspaper Circulation Per Capita

Book Production by Titles

Book Production by Titles Per Capita

Physician Data

Inhabitants Per Physician

Physicians Per Capita

Political Data

Party Fractionalization Index

Type of Regime

Number of Coups d'Etat

Number of Major Constitutional Changes

Head of State


Effective Executive (Type)

Effective Executive (Selection)

Degree of Parliamentary Responsibility

Size of Cabinet

Number of Major Cabinet Changes

Changes in Effective Executive

Legislative Effectiveness

Legislative Selection

Number of Legislative Elections

Trade Data

Imports Per Capita


Exports Per Capita

Proportion of World Trade

Computer Data

Internet Hosts

Internet Hosts Per Capita

Internet Users

Internet Users Per Capita

Estimated Personal Computers

Estimated Personal Computers Per Capita


Highway Vehicle Data

Passenger Cars

Passenger Cars Per Capita

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles Per Capita

All Highway Vehicles

All Highway Vehicles Per Capita

Military Data

National Defense Expenditure

National Defense Expenditure Per Capita

Size of Military

Size of Military/Population

Phone Data

All Telephones, including Cellular

Mobile Cellular Telephones

Telephones, excluding Cellular

Telephones, excluding Cellular Per Capita

Mobile Cellular Telephones Per Capita

All Telephones, including Cellular, Per Capita

Railroad Data

Railroad Mileage

Railroad Mileage Per Square Mile

Rail Passenger-Miles

Rail Passenger-Kilometers

Rail Ton-Miles

Rail Ton-Kilometers

Rail Ton-Mile Per Capita

Population Data


Population Density

Population of Empire

Population Density of Empire

Economic Data

National Income Per Capita

Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (Factor Cost)

Gross National Product Per Capita (Market Prices)

Currency in Circulation Per Capita

Age of Currency in Months

Official/Principal Exchange Rate, Local Currency/ $US

Free/Black Market Rate, Local Currency Per $US

Industrial Production

Electric Power Production (kwh)

Electric Power Production (kwh) Per Capita

Steel Production (metric tons)

Steel Production (metric tons) Per Capita

Cement Production (metric tons)

Cement Production (metric tons) Per Capita

School Enrollment Data

Primary School Enrollment

Primary School Enrollment Per Capita

Secondary School Enrollment

Secondary School Enrollment Per Capita

Primary + Secondary School Enrollment

Primary + Secondary School Enrollment Per Capita

Primary/Primary + Secondary School Enrollment

University Enrollment

University Enrollment Per Capita

All School Enrollment

All School Enrollment Per Capita

Percent Literate

Energy Data

Energy Production, Metric Tons Coal Equivalent

Energy Production in Kilograms Coal Equivalent Per Capita

Energy Consumption, Metric Tons Coal Equivalent

Energy Consumption in Kilograms Coal Equivalent Per Capita

Urbanization Data

Population, Cities of 100,000 & Over

Population, Cities of 100,000 & Over Per Capita

Population, Cities of 50,000 & Over

Population, Cities of 50,000 & Over Per Capita

Population, Cities of 25,000 & Over

Population, Cities of 25,000 & Over Per Capita

Population, Cities of 20,000 & Over

Population, Cities of 20,000 & Over Per Capita

Population, Cities of 10,000 & Over

Population, Cities of 10,000 & Over Per Capita

Telegraph Mileage

Telegraph Mileage Per Square Mile


Telegrams Per Capita

Area Data

Area in Square Kilometers

Area in Square Miles

Area of Empire in Square Miles

Guide created by Lisa Morrison


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