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Archer and the Global News Index

What is Archer?

Archer is a web application purpose-built by the Cline Center to access the Global News Index. Archer provides a more user-friendly interface for querying the Global News Index, with indexing still handled by Solr. Queries are built using icons and drop-down menus, while more technically savvy users can use Lucene query syntax via a ‘raw query’ option. Archer also allows users to create facets and see visualizations of the facet results, which can be very helpful for users as they refine their queries.

The Cline Center for Advanced Social Research of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign owns, holds or licenses a number of datasets that are inaccessible to the public, including some proprietary data. Archer users must read and sign the Data Access Policy Agreement before they will be granted access to Archer and the Global News Index. The access agreement includes the Intellectual Property Policies governing Cline Center
resources, such as the Global News Index. It also includes the Terms & Conditions of Use for technologies developed to analyze Cline Center resources, such as Archer.

To request access to the Global News Index through Archer, please fill out this form.