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Archer and the Global News Index

What is the Global News Index?

The Global News Index is a collection of news articles and extracted textual features curated by the Cline Center, specifically designed to provide comprehensive coverage of events around the world. In addition to searching documents for keywords, Global News Index users can query metadata and extracted features - such as named entities extracted using Natural Language Processing methods and variables that measure sentiment and emotional valence. The Global News Index has been used in several Cline Center research programs, as well as nearly 50 external projects. 

Please note that use of the Global News Index is governed by University of Illinois intellectual property (IP) policies, license-based restrictions, and applicable US law.

Global News Index Quick Reference Tables



Quick reference tables for the global news index. Tables show variable name, data type, and description. This information is shown for Metadata and content variables, named entity recognition variables, geolocation variables, sentiment variables, and classifier variables. A PDF of this image is available on this page under "Helpful Resources"

Corpora Summary Table for the Global News Index. This table includes source, article count, time span, and provider. The table shows this information for the New York Times corpus, Wall Street Journal corpus, Summary of World Broadcasts corpus, Foreign Broadcast Information Service corpus, LexisNexis corpus, Bulk LexisNexis corpus, and the web corpus. A PDF of this image is available on this page under "Helpful Resources."