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Finding Journal Articles for Theatre Research

This guide is an introduction (or a refresher) to searching for, accessing, and evaluating articles for theatre research.

Choosing a Theatre-Specific Database

Choosing a database can be overwhelming! We've compiled a list of best bets for theatre research with a brief description of their specialties and strengths. As you're navigating our list of recommended databases make sure you're thinking about...

  • The time period your topic covers - some databases will be better for contemporary topics and others for historical topics. 
  • The kind of information you need - are you looking for theatre reviews or scholarly articles of theatre criticism? 

Check out the database descriptions below to choose the database that best fits your topic. Remember that if you select and EBSCO or a ProQuest database, you can use the cross-searching feature to search multiple databases at once!

If your topic crosses multiple fields of study - like scenic design, costume design, or theatre as practiced by a specific cultural group or in a specific region of the world - be sure to check out the next page on Interdisciplinary Resources for more recommendations.

For a more exhaustive list than the one below, check out the full list of theatre databases that UIUC subscribes to

Best Bets