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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Online Instruction

Online Instruction Resources Guide

Welcome! This guide provide a toolbox of resources for library teaching and learning to help both experienced and new teachers develop and enhance their comfort and expertise as a teacher.  The material covered is a mixture of technology walkthroughs, how-to guides for creating a variety of instructional content in multiple formats, and methodologies for working with students to create a productive and effective learning environment.

Other Instructional Resources

Project Cora  

CORA stands for Community of Online Research Assignments. It is an open educational resource (OER) for librarians, faculty, and other educators. It is intended to be a collaborative space for adapting and experimenting with research assignments and sharing the success or lessons learned so that others may benefit. The site contains multiple, reliable and reproducible research assignments that do not live as isolated entities, but are enhanced by user feedback in order to build a rich corpus of best practices. There is also a Teaching Toolkit featuring a wide range of resource types including pedagogy/theory, assessment, classroom activities, technology tips, subject guides, citation tools, and information literacy tutorials.

ACRL Framework Sandbox: 
ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Sandbox, a place to discover ways to use the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education in instructional settings, as well as share your own activities and teaching resources related to the Framework.


This guide is built and maintained by the members of the Central Public Services division, including:

  • Piper Martin
  • Alex Deeke
  • Merinda Hensley
  • Eric Kurt
  • Sylvia Figueroa Ortiz
  • Miranda Phair
  • Sarah Appedu
  • David Ward