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Introduction to the Biodiversity Heritage Library: Author Search

Learn how to search the Biodiversity Heritage Library.

Author search links

Searching the BHL Author Index

Use advanced search "Author" tab to search for a name in the author index.

Matching entries from the index are retrieved:

Clicking an entry retrieves identified works by that author. 
Two result sets are retrieved: books or journals, and chapters, articles, or treatments.
Results within these groups can be sorted by title, author or year. 

Screen shot of results for Frank Collins Baker, showing 16 books and journals, and 71 chapters, articles, or treatments on two tabs, which can be sorted by title, author, or year.

The author index is maintained by BHL volunteer staff; authority control is not perfect. 
You may need to review multiple entries to see all the indexed work by an author.  

Red bracket around three entries representing Thomas J. Burrill.  Text indicates "may be more than one entry for an author

You can also use the "Author name" field in the "Publications" tab of the advanced search to find specific works by an author.

You can also browse the entire author index by clicking the "Author" button on the "Browse by" menu bar.

screen shot showing browse options with author circled in red

You Can Find an Author's Name in Full-Text, too.

Not every appearance of an author (or other contributor) in BHL is represented in the BHL catalog records. 

  • Not all articles present in BHL are indexed in the catalog
  • Not all contributors are included in catalog records; e.g., illustrators may be credited in the text, but not mentioned in the catalog record.

A full text search on a person's name can help uncover content not found in the author index.

In results, expand details to see the the search term in context. 

Click the title to open the item, and use "Search Inside" to find the name within the item. 

Text in context shows items likely to be articles.  Click a page number to go to that page in the viewer.

This search has uncovered the abstract of a paper Wells presented before the Elisha Mitchell Society.