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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Pet De-Stress Event: Companion Animals

Reading Day Event! Thursday, December 10 from 1-4pm

Additional Resources

Here are some great resources that can help you learn more about the topics addressed in Jane Desmond's presentation: "Can Pets Really lower your Stress Levels?: The Benefits of Caring for Companion Animals."

About the Presenter

Jane Desmond is Professor of Anthropology and of Gender and Women's Studies at UIUC where she also teaches in the College of Veterinary Medicine.  A specialist in the cultural dimensions of human-animal relations, she is the author/editor  of several books and the Founding Resident Director of the UIUC -ASI Summer Institute in Animal Studies.


"Therapy dogs can help reduce student stress, anxiety and improve school attendance," by Christine Grove and Linda Henderson, _The Conversation_(online academic site), March 19, 2018.


"The Psychological and Physical Benefits of Having a Pet," by Louise B. Miller, Ph.D., _Psychology Today_ online, Oct26, 2020.