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A Media Commons Subject Guide providing suggested resources and other information for beginning research on the media production process.

Production Sound

Sound is very important. You may want to check sound equipment to make sure that recording is accurate. If shooting outside or in a crowded, noisy location, you may need more microphones, e.g. lavaliers to hear your actors clearly. Furthermore, you may decide to re-record sound in post-production to ensure that the dialogue is crisp and then, you may overlay the re-recorded dialogue into the previously recorded background sound. 


Additionally, you may need to decide if you need extras for scenes to mimic the reality of using public locations. You may decide to reimburse mileage for extras, in lieu of a hourly rate.

Depending on the nature of a scene, particularly a heavy emotionally charged scene, you may want to decide to limit the amount of people on set. You may need to take into consideration the best time to film this scene, whether that’s the first item of the day or the first shot of the film entirely.


Most productions, especially if unpaid, will often provide food and/or other perks like mileage reimbursement to secure production staff. Meals and snacks (Craft Services) are often paid out of the production budget.