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Cataloging Services: Item Records

Acquisitions & Cataloging Services

Withdraw Item

The Alma ‘Withdraw Item’ button should not be used because it deletes the item record.

Instead move items that need to be with withdrawn to a suppressed Withdrawn holding record dedicated for this purpose. Each individual library has its own Withdrawn location, and therefore a bibliographic record can have multiple Withdrawn holding records (over 30 libraries exist!).

When withdrawing an item, first check whether a Withdrawn holding record specific to your library exists. If so, then move the item to be withdrawn to that holding record. Otherwise, you will need to create a Withdrawn holding record for your specific library. To do this follow the procedure for creating a new holding record except set the subfield b to your library's code (e.g. ARCHART) and subfield c to your library's Withdrawn location code (e.g. aaax-wdn). Note that the Withdrawn location always has the suffix: '-wdn'. On saving, the Withdrawn holding record is automatically suppressed.

An example view of a suppressed withdrawn holding record is shown below: