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RDA in the Library Catalog

The University of Illinois Library began implementing RDA cataloging standards on February 4, 2013 for all materials requiring original cataloging. For copy cataloging, we still receive many records in AACR2 format, as well as so-called "hybrid records."

While patrons may not notice a difference between AACR2 and RDA records in the library catalog, there are some distinct changes that should be noted and which may affect discovery.

General Material Designation [GMD]

In AACR2 records, non-print materials have a [GMD] in the title field, along with physical description information in the record:

In RDA records, this GMD is removed from the title field, but the physical description information is still in the record:

Search results in the VuFind catalog designate non-print materials with appropriate resource icons, but these are not present in the Classic catalog. In all cases, the physical description and call number of an item will indicate its format.

Publication Information

In MARC records publication information will appear in either field 260 (AACR2 and earlier records), or in the newly-defined 264 field (RDA records). It is important to note that field 264 is neither indexed in the Classic catalog, nor does it display in the standard record view.

This has the following implications:

  1. A search by publisher in the Classic catalog will not return any RDA records (records with field 264)
  2. Publication information in an RDA record in the Classic catalog can only be viewed in the staff view mode

To see publication information in an RDA record in the Classic catalog, click Staff (MARC) View. The information can be found in field 264:

Authority Changes

The implementation of RDA has also affected some name and corporate body authority records, as well as headings for the Bible and Qu'ran.
Changes come primarily from spelling out abbreviations:

  • Dept. = Department
  • O.T. = Old Testament
  • ca. = approximately
  • fl. = active

Headings for books of the Bible and for the Qu'ran have also been changed:

  • Bible. O.T. Habakkuk = Bible. Habakkuk
  • Bible. N.T. Luke = Bible. Luke
  • Bible. O.T. = Bible. Old Testament
  • Qu'ran = Koran

While these new headings should be present in new records, the project to retrospectively convert all instances of older forms in records is a huge undertaking.

What does this mean? You may have to search multiple ways to ensure complete results.

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