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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

One Book One Campus: The Other Wes Moore

Resources for students hoping to explore issues central to the 2015-2016 One Book One Campus selection "The Other Wes Moore" in greater depth.

How do I find articles?

Finding the right article starts with using the right database. There are quite a few databases that can help you, but in order to choose the right one, you have to narrow down your topic/focus. Since databases are divided in broad areas, think about one or two that best fits your topic.

See the examples below:

School-to-prison pipeline: race and inequality in education, race and criminal justice, juvenile detention centers, children and crime

Poverty and education: levels of literacy and retention of public schools, educational attainment for children in low socioeconomic neighborhoods

Drug addiction and substance abuse: substance abuse in low-income neighborhoods, the market of illegal drugs

Single motherhood in low-income areas: effects on children and their well-being; effects on family dynamics

Gang violence and youth: power structures in gangs, racial groups, relationship building, vulnerability of youth and crime

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