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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Personal Information Management

A guide to help you choose methods and tools for organizing your information in meaningful ways.

What is Personal Information Management?

Personal Information Management is a combination of methods and tools that help you to manage, organize, access, share, and use all of the information in the course of your life and work.

Information overload is a common problem in today's information-driven landscape. This guide will give you links to different resources for developing methods and using appropriate tools to aid in the endeavor.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start? A great place to begin reorganizing your life is to reflect on the areas of your life that make you stressed. Does work overwhelm you? Maybe it's time to organize your office or desk. Or perhaps you have difficulties keeping track of your research citations, and you need to learn how to use a citation manager. PIM can be a wonderful, therapeutic activity that can not only de-clutter your life but also your brain!

Recommended Books