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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Technology at MPAL

This guide provides a description of the technology you can borrow and use at the Music and Performing Arts Library. It also has some helpful troubleshooting tips, but please feel free to ask a staff member for help in person!

Viewing Microfilm at MPAL

There are two machines at MPAL that will allow you to view microfilm.

  1. A separate machine at the very back of the computer area that is only for viewing the film. This machine does not save as PDFs or print.
  2. A digital microfilm reader and scanner connected to the computer in the back of the computer area. This machine allows for the film to be scanned and saved as a PDF.

Microfilm Reader/Scanner

MPAL has a microform reader/scanner that allows users to save and print PDFs from the film. There is a Quick Guide document to using the microfilm scanner located next to the station. If you need any help using it, feel free to ask a staff member, or check out these short YouTube tutorial videos from another library.* (We have a slightly newer model of scanner, but the instructions work the same.)

*Thank you Center for Jewish History!

Happy scanning!