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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

IFSI Library Website Guide: Register for Site

This is a guide intended to walk a new user through the process of using the IFSI Library website.

Step 1

From the main IFSI library webpage (, click on the link that reads, "Search and Request Materials."

Step 2

On the right-hand side of the webpage, you may login to your library account if you already have one, or you may create an account by clicking on “Register here.” Before searching the IFSI Library online catalog, it is best to register for a library account or to login to your existing account. It is necessary to be logged in to request items that you find by searching the online catalog.

Step 3

Once you have filled in the Required Fields on the online form to register for a library account and have hit Submit, you will be taken to a webpage that provides your library username, password, and IFSI Library card number.

Step 4


Read carefully before proceeding.

You username and password will be on the LEFT side of the webpage. Be sure to make note of this information (write it all down!) because this information will disappear, and you will not be able to finish the registration process without it. The library will not have access to this information and will not be able to provide it to you if you forget or lose it.

Step 5

Below your username, password, and card number, you will see the sentence, “For your convenience, the login box on this page has been pre-filled with this data. Please log in and change your password.” On the RIGHT side of the webpage, you will see the pre-filled login data. Click on Log in using this information.

Step 6

At your login page, you will see a list of several choices on the left, one of which is “change your password.” Using the temporary password provided to you at the "Registration Complete!" page, change your password to one of your own choosing and make a note of it.

Now you are ready to search the library catalog and request items from the IFSI Library!

If you forget your password at any time, email or call us and we can help you through the process of resetting it!

IFSI Library Information

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Special operating hours may be held during events.

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