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European Union Resources - Teacher's Workshop 2009: Home

A guide to online resources for learning about the European Union.


We hope you find these links useful.  Each box has an area where you can comment on the contents.  Please don't hesitate to do so, especially feel free to make suggestions for other resources!

More information about the European Union Center at Illinois....

Teaching Resources from the EU and National Resource Centers

From the EU -

From Illlinois -

From UCLA -

From University of Pittsburgh -

Classroom Resources

Gateway to 21st Century Skills - Previously known as the Gateway to Educational Materials and supported in large part by the U.S. government, provides activities, lesson plans, curriculum support and more for a variety of grade levels and topics. The Gateway is down due to loss of their funding source, the National Education Association.

Education World was created to provide a "home" for educators on the internet. Lesson plans, research materials, and newletters are a few of the resources included on this site. Searching the term global studies might provide some interesting material.

CPAW -Computer Pals Across the World is a site supported by the University of Southern Florida to provide an avenue for communication and cultural exchange between schools with shared interests and age groups. As of 2016, this project no longer is accessible. 

Awesome Library   The web site of the Awesome Library covers material from arts to technology. This site provides lesson plans for most subject areas and includes links to other informational sources that can be drawn upon to create original lesson plans. The extensive listings about multicultural holidays and current events are especially useful.

Blue Web'n Learning Sites Library Contains educational sites in twelve subject areas, including the arts,business, foreign languages, science, vocational education, and more. Sites are categorized as web-based tutorials, activities, projects, unit & lesson plans, hotlists (lists of links), reference sources and tools, and other resources. It allows users to browse by subject area or type of site, or to conduct searches by grade level,type of site, subject, Dewey number, or keyword. Sites are rated according to a five-star system and are annotated. As of 2016, this website is no longer accessible. 

iEARN unites over 6000 schools from 92 countries working on joint classroom projects via Internet (see Projects on their main page)

PlanetEdu - Provides a directory of international projects including summer abroad and language abroad programs for high school students.

Thinkfinity - A combination of the Thinkfinity literacy program and MarcoPolo, this site is provided by the Verizon Foundation.  Maps to a variety of grade levels and standards.