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Arms Control, Domestic & International Security: Getting Started

Library Guide for the Program in Arms Control, Domestic & International Security (ACDIS)

About the Arms Control Collection

The Arms Control Collection consists of indexes, yearbooks, handbooks, bibliographies, monographs and serials dealing with arms control, disarmament, and international security. The collection does not represent all of the library's holdings on these subjects; additional materials on these subjects are available throughout libraries on campus, and the call numbers listed below will help you find materials on the shelves. In addition, the Library has a large number of electronic (e-) books and journals. E-books can be found in the Library Catalog and e-journals can be found in the Online Journals & Databases.

Subject Headings and Call Numbers

You can search the Library Catalog using call numbers or subject headings. The table below summarized subject headings and call numbers related to arms control, disarmament, and international security.









358 Air and Other Specialized Forces and Warfare; Engineering and Related Services UG622-1435 (air forces); UG1500-1530 (military astronautics)
327 International Relations JZ2-6530 
356-357 Land Forces and Warfare UD1-495 (infantry);  UE1-500 (cavalry)
623 Military and Nautical Engineering

UG1-620 (military engineering); VM595-989 (marine engineering) 

355 Military Science U1-900 
629 Other Branches of Engineering T (general engineering); TA-TN (specific branches of engineering)
359 Sea (Naval) Forces and Warfare  V1-995 (general naval science); VA-VM (specific topics within naval science)
303.6 Social Processes Conflict HM831-901 (social change); HV6430-6433.88 (terrorism)

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