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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

ME 470

Welcome to the course page. The library is a resource that exists for YOU!

Meet your group's GELIC contact:

Each group has a designated consultant available to help with any questions, connect students to Grainger Engineering Library resources, and assist in the research process overall. Look for your group in the list below, and please reach out to your contact via email.


Patient-Rolling Lift - Przemyslaw Bosak

Mushroom Mycelium Structure - Przemyslaw Bosak

Mechanical Fixture Design - Cam Burkins

Optimal Cleanroom HVAC Control - Cam Burkins

Novel Restroom Ventilation - Alex Cabada

Unistrut LED Innovation - Monica Carroll

Inkjet Printer Assembly - Annika Deutsch

Student Design Competition - Annika Deutsch

Handheld Reader - Sam Ehlinger

Measurement Tool for Fuses - Sam Ehlinger

Switch Enclosure - McKinzie Horoho

Equipment updates for 126 Talbot Lab space - McKinzie Horoho

Constitutive Model - Elizabeth Marathas

Equipment updates for ME 320 lab course - Elizabeth Marathas

HTL Pilot Reactor Control System - Andres Molina

Precise Needle Actuator - Andres Molina

Impact Resistant Materials for Helmets - Kendall Neumann

Neural Recording System  - Kendall Neumann

TBA - Zoë Peterson

Spin Rig - Megan Sapp-Nelson

Kwik Conduit Innovation - Chris Wiley