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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reserves Guide for Instructors

This guide provides information for faculty/instructors concerning all reserve materials that are held behind the desk in a library, regardless of format (books, DVDs, etc.).

Discontinuing Electronic Reserves

The University Library has determined that we will no longer offer our e-reserve service effective beginning with the fall semester 2017. Factors influencing this decision include decreased use of the service over time, increased availability of content already in digital form or licensed by the University Library for campus use, availability of other campus support systems and services such as Compass to achieve similar results, and a diminishing need for fair use assessment given the breadth of readily available licensed content.

Collection Management Services, in cooperation with other departments inside the Library and elsewhere on campus, is pulling together resources to assist you in transitioning from our service to other means of providing content for your courses. Below is a preliminary list, and more content will be added based on availability and feedback from you.

Resources for Transitioning from Electronic Reserves

Course Materials and Copyright for Professors guide

This new copyright guide, created by the Library’s Copyright Librarian Sara Benson ( is specifically geared to assist faculty/instructors in making determinations regarding how they can make accessible course materials as needed for students.


Distance learner guide

This guide contains a great deal of helpful information on how to obtain readings needed for course work.


Compass 2g info

Compass is the Enterprise Learning Management System for the Urbana campus, supported by Technology Services.


How to find articles and link to them



Provides assistance in how to find articles using the Library website then create persistent links in your course site.



Doc Express is the library’s document delivery service providing copies of materials located at the Illinois libraries.


Create Accessible Electronic Documents



The IT Accessibility at Illinois website offers resources for creating and maintaining accessible documents online, including PDF and Word.


Streaming audio

The Music and Performing Arts Library will continue to assist faculty with reformatting audio materials for streaming use with courses. Please contact David Butler for assistance (

In addition, please don't forget that all of our licensed audio and video streaming resources from Naxos and Alexander Street Press have track-level stable URLs you can use. You can also create playlists in these tools to share with your students:


Migrating Past Electronic Reserves

To assist you in migrating your content, a frozen version of the e-reserves system will be available for instructors and course proxies through Spring 2018. After that, there will be no way for you or for us to access any information or content from this system.


Accessing a Course

You can access your past e-reserves by logging in to the e-reserves system and clicking "Previous Courses" in the left navigation list.

"Previous Courses" link in the navigation list.

On the next screen, click the "Course Home" link for the course you're interested in.

"Course Home" link in the Previous Courses table


Specific Item Options

You will now be seeing the list of all items you had requested for that course. The items that had been on reserve will have "Expired" in the Status column.

From here, you can:

  • Click "Show Details" to see the full bibliographic information for an item.
  • Click "View Item" to access the item itself. 

Options for each item in a list.


Export Course Info

You can also get an Excel spreadsheet with details of all items from the list by clicking "Export Course Info" in the left navigation list.

"Export Course Info" link in the navigation list.

Making Someone a Course Proxy

Only the instructor for the course can set someone up as a proxy.

When you log in to the e-reserves system, click "Previous Courses" in the menu.

"Previous Courses" link in the navigation list.


Then choose the course you want to make someone proxy for:

List of courses


Once on the course screen, click on "Course Proxy Users" in the "Instructor Course Tools" menu:

Instructor Course Tools menu


On the next screen, type the full email address of the individual you would like to give proxy access in to the text box:

Textbox for adding a proxy

Then click "Add Proxy User."


Individuals must have logged into the reserves system before they can be added as a proxy.

If the individual has not yet logged in, the system will say: " is an invalid username."