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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Reserves Guide for Instructors

This guide provides information for faculty/instructors concerning all reserve materials that are held behind the desk in a library, regardless of format (books, DVDs, etc.).

Electronic Reserves

Electronic Reserves, or e-reserves, includes all reserve materials that are accessed online, regardless of format.


To access the E-Reserves System, click the link and log in with your NetID and your NetID Password.

You MUST close all browser windows before you will be fully logged out.


All electronic reserves for the campus are processed by Collection Management Services. Please note that we have no public service desk to meet with you in person, and telephone requests are not accepted due to the complexity of the information required.

Please review your reserves lists before the semester begins, so we can resolve any discrepancies before they cause problems for your students.


For information about reserve materials that are held behind the desk in a library (books, DVDs, etc.), please see Placing Physical Materials on Reserves instead.

List of Faculty/Instructor pages

The "I am a Faculty/Instructor" section of this guide includes multiple pages.


E-reserves F.A.Q. provides general information about the e-reserves service.


The rest of the pages provide details on working with the e-reserves system.


Instructor View introduces you to the interface, showing how to view and access your e-reserves.

Submitting New Reserves shows how to submit new items for your e-reserves.

Reusing Reserves shows how to reuse e-reserves.

  • Copy to multiple sections within one semester.
  • Reuse a list from previous semesters.

Tips & Tricks shows how to edit item records; replace PDFs; use tags to organize items; etc.

Proxies & Auditors shows how individuals that aren't in the enrollment information we receive from campus can be given access to your e-reserves.

  • Proxies are TAs, Instructional Designers, and others who support instruction.
  • Auditors are individuals who are participating in the course without being enrolled through campus.

Email Notifications shows how you can get notified every time one of your e-reserve items has been fully processed and made ready for your students.

Online Education provides information about how to link e-reserves within a Learning Management System and special information for instructors of online courses.


We also recommend that you read SIPX Links Information, which concerns accessing content through our primary copyright permissions vendor.