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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Electronic Reserves Guide

Electronic Reserves, or e-reserves, includes all reserve materials that are accessed online, regardless of format. This guide provides information on using the system for student and for instructors, including how to place materials on e-reserves

Seeing Courses

When you first log into the e-reserves system, you will not see your courses.

Course information is updated every four hours (at 2, 6, & 10).

Upcoming courses that have e-reserves become visible to enrolled students one week before the course starts.

If you add a course to your schedule, the e-reserves will not be visible until the following day.

If you are not seeing current courses that you know have e-reserves, and today was not the first time you logged into this system, please call us at 244-3773 during normal business hours.

Accessing Your E-Reserves

Starting a few hours after your initial log in, you will see a list of your current courses when you log in:

Student View - Main Menu


Click anywhere in a line to view a list of the reserves for that course:

Student View - List of Courses


Click on individual items to view the information about that item:

Reserve Item display

Click on "View this item" to access the content.

Working with a List: Sorting, Tags, and Hot List

In the Reserve Items list, you can re-sort by any column by selecting from the "Sort By" drop-down menu or by clicking on the column heading.  For example, if you are working from an alphabetical bibliography, you would select "Author."  If you would like to sort by the titles of individual document, instead of the main title, select "Article Title" from the "Sort By" drop-down menu.

 Sort By and Tags locations

 Also, if you or your instructor have added tags to individual items, you can click on a tag at any point to see all items with that tag. Instructors may use tags to organize the content by topic (e.g.: Brazil) and/or time (week3).


At the bottom of the Reserve Items list you will see a pair of buttons that allow you to add or remove items from your Hot List:

Hot List buttons

Your Hot List includes all items you have added to your Hot List--no matter what course.

SIPX Links

What is SIPX?

Sometimes, you will click on an item in your e-reserves list and it will take you to the SIPX website and ask you to log in. Don't worry, this is a legitimate resource to log into. The Library uses SIPX for e-reserves that we need to pay permissions for.

Items through SIPX will have a line referencing this information, as shownin the image below:

Link is via SIPX. Info at:


All fees associated with the service are paid for by the University Library, and any data collected is only reported in the aggregate, no specific student information is shared without specific consent.


Accessing e-reserves via SIPX

  1. Log into your e-reserves as usual and pick a reading.
  2. Some readings will display the following message: "Link is via SIPX. Info at:"
  3. When you click on "View this item", it will take you to a SIPX page with information about the reading.
  4. If it shows a big red bar, click on the "sign in through your institution" link a bit below the red bar.
  5. On the next screen, choose:
    • United States (InCommon Federation)
    • University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  6. Click the big red "Login" bar.
  7. Login with your NetID and NetID password as usual.
  8. You should now be seing a big green that to get the reading.
  9. If you click on a SIPX link again while the SIPX session is open, you'll go straight to the screen with the big green bar.


If you have requested the University to suppress your information under FERPA, you will not be able to  "sign in through your institution". Instead, you will need to create a simple account with SIPX. Please call us with any questions about that.


If you still can't access your e-reserves, please call us at 244-3773 during business hours.


Instructors are encouraged to provide students with the following link to this information: