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Mycology Literature Guide: Home

Find here selected reference and other fungi / mycology works.

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Welcome to the Mycology Literature Guide. 

This guide contains selected core reference and other literature finding aids for this subject area. 

Using the Biological Literature: A Practical Guide. (2014)  Schmidt, D. Print version here. Online version here.


Mycology is "the study of organisms of the fungal lineage, including mushrooms, boletes, bracket or shelf fungi, powdery mildew, bread molds, yeasts, puffballs, morels, stinkhorns, truffles, smuts, and rusts."¹   more

Also see "Fungi and the History of Mycology" from the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.


1. Shung-Chang Jong, "Mycology", in AccessScience@McGraw-Hill,, DOI 10.1036/1097-8542.441700.(accessed November 4, 2010). 

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