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This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a ME 470 Project Group.

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Overview of Guide

Welcome to the ME 470 Projects LibGuide.

Each ME 470 group is assigned a Grainger Engineering Library graduate assistant or a librarian whom they are encouraged to contact with their reference questions. One of the group's first assignments will be to complete a literature review. Throughout the semester, groups are encouraged to arrange meetings with their assigned graduate assistant or librarian to help find and utilize the Library's resources to locate materials for the their literature review and, possibly, to provide feedback on their literature review.

Fall 2018 - Assigned Groups

Avery, Amanda, aravery2[at]

  • Dremel: Design of an Electric Nailer
  • Terminal Clip: Design of an Improved Battery Terminal Clip

Cabada, Elisandro, cabada[at]

  • Museum Exhibits: Re-design of Engineering Exhibits for the Orpheum Children's Science Museum
  • Power Transfer: Design of an Electro-mechanical Power Transfer System Across Heavy Machinery Joints

​Garner, Kitty, cgarner4[at]

  • Sparger: Design of an Optimized Air Sparger

Gloor, Edward, egloor2[at]

  • Grain Cleaner: Design of an Improved Grain Sample Cleaner
  • Multi-axis Mount: Design of a Multi-axis Mount for Two-photon Lithography-based Nanomanufacturing

Hackel, Joshua, jhackel2[at]

  • Fuse Indicator: Design of an Improved and Low-cost Fuse Blown Indicator

Lechman, Ellen, ellenml2[at]

  • Spraying System: Design of a Fluid Delivery and Spraying System on Deere's Product, the Tango Mower

Kroeger, Amy, amyls2[at]

  • Battery Test: Design of a Fast Charging Battery Thermal Reliability Test-bed for Fabrication and Characterization
  • Long-lasting Chew: Design of a 3-D Printer to Produce Long-lasting Dog Chew
  • Foot Pedal: Design of an Adjustable Suspended Foot Pedal System

Murphy, Bethany, bcmrphy2[at]

  • Spreader System: Design of a Spreading Mechanism/System on Deere's Product, the Tango Mower
  • Steel Conveying: Design of a New Steel Conveying System

Nolan, Aileen, acnolan2[at]

  • Hail Gun: Design of a Hail Gun for Vehicle Impact Testing
  • Seat Panel: Front Seat Back Panel Customer Interface Design

Piehl, Dennis, piehl1[at]

  • Hail Detection: Design of a Vehicle Hail Damage Detection System

Post, Laurel, laurelp2[at]

  • Ohmic Heating: Design of Ohmic heating System for a Dairy Dispenser
  • Valves: Re-design of Novel Expansion Valves

Smith, Rachel, rmsmith4[at]

  • Battery Cooling: Design of a Battery Cooling System for Illini Formula Electric Vehicle
  • Weeding: Design of a mechanical Weeding System for an Autonomous Agricultural Robot

Wallace, Rob, rwwalla2[at]

  • Bionic Hand: Design of a Low Cost Electronic Quick Disconnect mechanism for a Bionic Hand

Wiley, Christie, cawiley[at]

  • Fuse Temperature: Design for Temperature Compensation of Fuses
  • Layered Fuse: Design of Layered Fuse Terminal

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