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This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a ME 470 Project Group.

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Overview of Guide

Welcome to the ME 470 Projects LibGuide.

Each ME 470 group is assigned a Grainger Engineering Library graduate assistant or a librarian whom they are encouraged to contact with their reference questions. One of the group's first assignments will be to complete a literature review. Throughout the semester, groups are encouraged to arrange meetings with their assigned graduate assistant or librarian to help find and utilize the Library's resources to locate materials for the their literature review and, possibly, to provide feedback on their literature review.

Spring 2018 - Assigned Groups

Avery, Amanda, aravery2[at]

  • Bushing: Design of an improved track bushing end face
  • Operator Access: Design of a compact and cost-effective operator access mechanism

Burnette, Peg, phburn[at]

  • Myoelectric Prosthetic: Design of improved myoelectric prosthetic fingers

Gloor, Edward, egloor2[at]

  • Power Dissipation: Design of a low cost and compact power dissipation device
  • Hyperloop: Design of a Hyperloop vehicle for the SpaceX competition

Hayes, Sarah, sarahlh2[at]

  • Cart: Design of a shelf or cart attachment for Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • Bending Table: Design of a "No-Dog" Bending Table

Hermes, Fatemah, fhermes2[at]

  • Burn Assessment: Design of an improved skin burn assessment package
  • Fuse Design: Fuse housing design for improved open-state resistance

Luftig, David, luftig2[at]

  • Power Transfer: Design of an electro-mechanical power transfer system across heavy machinery joints
  • Train Aero: Design of train consist aerodynamic enhancements

Krogman, Ali, akrogma2[at]

  • Home Meal: Design of an improved home meal experience

Mischo, Bill, w-mischo[at]

  • Blue Waters: Design of an improved Blue Waters supercomputer cooling system

Murphy, Bethany, bcmrphy2[at]

  • Steel Conveying: Design of a new steel conveying system
  • IMD Lid: Design of an improved ice maker dispenser lid

Nolan, Aileen, acnolan2[at]

  • Solar Cooker: Design of an improved solar cooker
  • Eco-Marathon Prototype: Design of a prototype vehicle for the 2018 Shell Eco-Marathon Competition

Peterson, Amelia, ameliap2[at]

  • Eco-Marathon Urban Concept: Design of an urban concept vehicle for the 2018 Shell Eco-Marathon Competition
  • Hydraulic Bike: Design of a hydraulic bicycle for the NFPA Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge

Post, Laurel, laurelp2[at]

  • Challenge Water: Design of a challenge water control systems
  • Benson Tenaculum (TM): Design of an improved alternative to the single tooth tenaculum

Schlembach, Mary, schlemba[at]

  • Biscuit: Design of a 3-D biscuit printer

Smith, Rachel, rmsmith4[at]

  • Friction Factor: Design of an air heat exchanger friction factor test apparatus
  • Museum Exhibit: Design of an engineering exhibit for the Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Spencer, Amy, amyls2[at]

  • Recreational Good: Design of a carbon fiber recreational good
  • Valve: Design of a novel expansion valve

Wiley, Christie, cawiley[at]

  • Battery Cooling: Design of a battery cooling system for the Illini Formula Electric vehicle

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