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Research After Graduation: Home

Preparing to graduate from the University? The Library can help you through this transition.

Internet Libraries

Visit Refdesk for reference resources, facts, and news. The Refdesk's subject categories are especially useful for finding information by topic.

Find a Library

A library is a great place to find reliable information...but what if you don't know the name of the library, or where it's located?

Use this Public Library Search from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.


Are you preparing to graduate from the University? Are you a recent graduate struggling to find reliable information?  Researching a potential employer? Trying to collect all the data you've created? Need information that can help you as you enter the next phase of your life? You're in the right place.

How Will You Access Information after You Graduate?

Even though you can no longer access the University of Illinois’ resources, you still have many other options available to you.

1. Become a member at a local public library. Public libraries also purchase resources for their users, and they may have databases where you can access reliable information. Also, there are librarians present who can help you locate information. Public libraries also provide a number of career services.

2. Visit a state university or college. Many schools funded by the state have public access computers where you can sit and access the same resources as a student or faculty member. They will also have community membership opportunities. Take advantage of this if you move to a new place that’s home to a public university.

3. Use the resources available on this guide.  These authoritative and reliable resources will help you find information for personal or educational use.

For more information on what services you have access to after you graduate, see the Library Guide for Alumni.

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