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Finding Digital Videos: Home

An Undergraduate Library guide to finding digital video and other digital media.

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This guide is a list of publicly available online films, video, shorts, documentaries and other digital videos.

For more information on locating streaming video in the University of Illinois' collection, please visit our page on how to Find Streaming Video.


Most of the links in this guide are for educational resources. If you're looking for user generated content, the Undergraduate Library recommends

  • YouTube 
    Allows users to view and share a variety of video clips.
  • MetaCafe 
    Allows users to view and share videos with other users. 

Always remember to check copyright restrictions.

YouTube is now being used for educational resources as well as fun. 

Here at the Undergraduate Library, we recommend YouTube EDU for short educational videos, Library of Congress on YouTube for updates on historical and governmental information, The Brain Scoop for women in science, natural history, and biology, and CrashCourse for a little bit of everything.

Moving images can also be pure fun, as the .gif form has shown. If you're interested in searching for these, try Giphy for .gifs.


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