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Find here selected reference and other works for entomology.

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Welcome to the Entomology Literature Guide. 

This guide contains selected core reference and other literature finding aids for this subject area. 

Using the Biological Literature -- Web Resources


Entomology is "the branch of zoology concerned with the study of insects."¹   

Economic entomology is "the study of insects that have a direct influence on humanity. Though this includes beneficial as well as harmful species, most attention is devoted to the latter and how they become pests and are controlled."²  more  

Also see "Integrated Pest Management" and "Biological Control" from the Encyclopedia of Life Sciences.  


1. David J. Horn, "Entomology, economic", in AccessScience@McGraw-Hill,, DOI 10.1036/1097-8542.235200 (accessed October 21, 2010).

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