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Current Awareness

Tools and tips for staying up-to-date on research and published literature in your field.

Current Awareness

Are you trying to stay up-to-date and learn about new research within your field? This guide is designed to help you explore tools designed to assist you in keeping current. Some of these tools are explored in more depth with in some Savvy Research Workshops. Use this guide to learn about setting up RSS feeds, creating publication alerts, using social media, and staying current via professional organizations and conferences.

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For greater knowledge on more subjects use your library more often

By Work Projects Administration Poster Collection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

About the Savvy Researcher

The Library's Savvy Researcher workshop series brings information professionals together with graduate students and faculty to explore topics related to research and academic success. Some workshops are tool-based, some focus on a particular library resource, and others are topical, but the goal of all is to help you understand and use the library efficiently and effectively.

Check the Savvy Researcher Workshop Calendar to find this semester's schedule for in-person, hands-on workshops.