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Examples of Serial MFHDs

Regular pattern

The following MFHD shows a serial following a regular pattern (this is not the complete MFHD).

  • This serial has a single level of enumeration (853/863 ‡a) and a single level of chronology (853/863 ‡i)
  • The volumes of this serial all follow the same pattern, so ‡8 in field 853 is "1" and all ‡8's in the 863 fields begin with "1"
  • The most recent volume of this serial has the smallest sequence number in ‡8
  • The caption for chronology generally should not display in the OPAC, so it is entered in ( ) in the 853 field.

Chronology as enumeration

The following MFHD shows a serial that is marked by year rather volume (this is not the complete MFHD).

  • ‡a must always be present
  • when there is no enumeration, chronology takes over the enumeration subfields
  • for months, use the appropriate codes; codes are displayed as text in the OPAC

Multiple patterns

The following MFHD shows a serial that has changed it's marking pattern from one marked by volume to one marked by year.

  • The current pattern should always be pattern "1"
  • If a serial changes its pattern:
    • change the former pattern to pattern "2" (or 3, 4, etc. if necessary) in field 853 and in corresponding 863 fields
    • create a new 853 field for the new pattern, using "1" in ‡8
    • never use pattern "0"

Multiple pattern with accompanying material

The following MFHD shows a serial (on microfilm) with an accompanying guide.

  • MFHD includes 2 patterns: one for the volumes/reels, and one for the accompanying unit
  • never use pattern "0"