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Cataloging Services: holding records

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Chronology codes for MFHDs and Item Records

When a serial is marked by chronology that includes months and/or seasons:

  • Numerical codes are used in the MFHD field 863
  • Abbreviations (for months) or text (for seasons) are used in the item records

Months & Seasons in Holdings/Item Records

Month Holdings Record (863) Item Records
January 01 Jan.
February 02 Feb.
March 03 Mar.
April 04 Apr.
May 05 May
June 06 June
July 07 July
August 08 Aug.
September       09 Sept.
October 10 Oct.
November 11 Nov.
December 12 Dec.


Season Holdings Record (863) Item Records
Spring 21 Spring
Summer 22 Summer
Autumn/Fall    23 Autumn
Winter 24 Winter

Holdings Records

The following MFHD is an example of a periodical marked by year and month. The codes for the corresponding months are in field 863 ‡b.

Item Records

The item records that correspond to the three 863 lines above look like this (no spaces!):

  • Enum: 2013:Jan.-June
  • Enum: 2012:July-Dec.
  • Enum: 2012:Jan.-June

Note: in this example the year and month appear in the enumeration field because there is no separate enumeration. If there were also enumeration, e.g., volume numbers, the year:month information would be in the "Chron" line of the item record.

Public Displays

The public catalogs pull information from the MFHD and translate the codes in field 863 to text:

  • Classic catalog:
  • VuFind catalog: