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Call number prefixes

The following prefix codes are assigned to call numbers when appropriate to the material being cataloged. These include prefixes based on format, book size, and collection.

Prefix codes should be placed in ‡k of field 852 in holdings records, e.g.: 

Prefix Codes

Prefix Definition Prefix Definition
BASK Baskette Collection (RBX) MEINEF. Meine Coll., folio
CASS Sound cassette MEINEFDSK Meine Coll., floppy disk
CASSS. Sound cassette, S-Collection MEINEFILMQ. Meine Coll., microfilm of a quarto book
CASSSE. Sound cassette, S-Coll., easy MEINEQ. Meine Coll., quarto
CDISC Compact disc MERWIN Merwin Collection (RBX)
CDROM CD-ROM MERWINF. Merwin Coll., folio
CDROMDOC. CD-ROM gov't document MERWINQ. Merwin Coll., quarto
CHART Chart MFICHE Microfiche
CURR. Curriculum Collection MFICHEDOC. Microfiche, gov't document
DISC Phonodisc MPFILM Motion picture film
DLT Digital Linear Tape MTLY Motley Collection (RBX)
DOC. Government document MTLYMFICHE Motley Coll., microfiche
DOWNS Downs Collection (RBX) MTLYQ. Motley Coll., quarto
DVD Digital video disc (all versions) NICKELL Nickell Collection (RBX)
EC Ethnic Collection NICKELLQ. Nickell Coll., quarto
F. Folio (42.1 cm. and above) NICKELLF. Nickell Coll., folio
F.S. Folio, S-Collection PICT Picture
FDSK Floppy disk PICTQ. Picture, quarto
FDSKDOC. Floppy disk, gov't doc. PICTF.S. Picture, folio, S-Collection
FILM Microfilm POSTER Poster
FILMS. Microfilm, S-Collection Q. Quarto (28.1 cm. up to 42 cm.)
FLCD Flashcard Q.S. Quarto, S-Collection
  [Flash drive]--see USB Q.SB. Quarto, S-Coll., biography
FLSTRP Filmstrip Q.SE. Quarto, S-Coll., easy
FLSTRPS. Filmstrip, S-Collection REALIA Realia
FLSTRPSB. Filmstrip, S-Coll., biography ROLL Music rolls
FLSTRPSE. Filmstrip, S-Coll., easy S. S-Collection
GAME Game SB. S-Collection, biography
GAMES. Game, S-Collection SE. S-Collection, easy
GAMESB. Game, S-Coll., biography SLIDE Slide
GAMESE. Game, S-Coll., easy SNDBRG Sandburg Collection (RBX)
HARDDRIVE Hard drive SNDBRGF. Sandburg Coll., folio
HECHT Hecht Collection (RBX) SNDBRGFILM Sandburg Coll., microfilm
HECHTQ. Hecht Coll., quarto SNDBRGQ. Sandburg Coll., quarto
JAFFE Jaffe Collection (RBX) SNDBRGVIDEOREC Sandburg Coll., videorecording
KIT Kit TAPE Reel-to-reel audiotape
KITS. Kit, S-Collection TECHLOAN Loanable technology  
KITSB. Kit, S-Coll., biography TEXT. Textbook
KITSE. Kit, S-Coll., easy TRNSPR Transparency
KPLN Kaplan Collection (RBX) UHSL. University High School Library
LARSEN Larsen Collection (RBX) UHSLFDSK. Uni High, floppy disk
LARSENQ. Larsen Coll., quarto UHSLQ. Uni High, quarto
LARSENTAPE Larsen Coll., audiotape UHSLT. Uni High, sound cassette
MAYER Mayer Collection (RBX) USB USB flash drive
MAYERQ. Mayer Coll., quarto VIDREC Videorecording
MCARD Microcard VIDRECDOC. Videorecording, gov't document
MEINE Meine Collection (RBX)