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Finding Social Science Data: Re3Data

This guide is for scholars interested in finding social science data for their research.

Pros & Cons


  • Free to access and use; does not require a UIUC log-in
  • Powerful browse and search features allow researchers to explore different variations that may lead them to new discoveries
  • Repositories included in have been vetted, and include information on a repository's characteristics
  • Promotes permanent access to data
  • Includes repositories from various disciplines
  • Users can submit repositories for consideration to be added to


  • Not all repositories listed on provide open access to their data
  • Certain disciplines have more repositories listed than others
  • Repositories tend to be Western-centric, with many coming from Western Europe, the United States and Canada

Introduction Registry of Research Data Repositories helps connect researchers to data repositories.

Begun in 2012 and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), - which stands for the Registry of Research Data Repositories - is a global registry of research data repositories. Data is not stored on Rather, users search to find repositories that match up with their interests, either to find data sets, or find a place to store their own data sets.

Search & Browse Options's search and browse functions allow users to discover data repositories.

Besides a traditional search option, has three browse options: by subject, by content type, and by country. has powerful visual elements for their browse by subject and browse by country options. The browse by subject option shows a colorful wheel that allows you to move between disciplines and sub-disciplines to search for repositories. The browse by country option is a world map. Be warned, however: while some places are represented in these visual elements, they may have zero, or very few, repositories attached to them. Pictured below is the browse by subject wheel.

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