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Savvy Job Hunter

This guide will help you manage your job search and application materials with helpful tips and tools from the web.

Expanding your Job Search

When looking for listings, go to websites for professional organizations, join LISTSERVS, and attend conferences. Talk to current professionals! Where are they seeing openings and emerging trends?

Using multiple job search techniques - looking at advertised jobs, networking, and contacting organizations - increases your chances of finding a job that fits your skills, values, and interests.

Keywords and search terms can really influence the positions that appear in your search results. Brainstorm - try thinking about functions and skills rather than a specific field.

Corporate Jobs

Corporations often post positions on their company website and may list jobs on general job boards. Below are some general job posting boards and resources:

Academic Jobs

The academic job search starts about a year before the position will begin. Jobs are listed in the late summer through early fall. Generally during October through January committees will reach out and schedule interviews. January through April is when the majority of interviews take place; they can often last one or two days.

The below links can get you started looking for academic jobs:

Government Jobs

The government hiring process can be time-consuming, and each department may have unique processes and procedures. Make sure that you follow instructions and demonstrate attention to detail.

Federal resumes are very detailed and should include all relevant experiences. To narrow your government job search, focus on specific agencies of interest or roles that span multiple agencies (e.g. accounting, communication, project management).

Look at these links for jobs on the state and Federal level:

Non-profit Jobs

Job postings in non-profit organizations are less centralized, do not follow a regular hiring schedule, and are often unadvertised. Non-profit organizations value candidates who have previous volunteer or professional experience and networking is especially important for the non-profit job search

Meet people! But also take a look at job boards: