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Twitter for Professional Development

Resources for learning to use Twitter, how to tweet professionally, growing your professional Twitter network, making your Twitter time more efficient, archiving Tweets, and more!

Managing Social Media

Managing a Twitter or other social media account takes a lot of time, and adding content regularly and responding to followers in a timely manner can make or break your account. The following are social media management tools that can schedule updates in advance, manage several accounts from one screen, and more. 

Spend Less Actual Time But More Quality Time On Twitter


Likes (formerly known as "Favorites") are the heart symbols below a tweet that users can click on to turn it bright red. This will save the above Tweet into the "Likes" tab, viewable from the profile page. With the hundreds, if not thousands, of Tweets that appear on the Timeline, it's very difficult to find older Tweets again. Likes are a way to avoid that.


Most people have many interests and because of that Twitter users can find themselves following a large number of other accounts, which can make scrolling through the Timeline very time consuming. To save time when looking for certain users or topics (i.e. World War II historians), create or subscribe to a list.

Lists are lists of users that someone has created surrounding a topic; from vague topics like "friends" to more specific ones like "children's librarians." Lists are useful since users can only read posts by a specific topic list's members instead of having to scroll through every timeline post. You can make your own or you can "subscribe" to other people's lists you like.

Working with lists can be a little complicated, but Twitter has an excellent tutorial on how to make them (plus everything else you can do with Twitter lists) at How to Use Twitter Lists.