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Twitter for Professional Development

Resources for learning to use Twitter, how to tweet professionally, growing your professional Twitter network, making your Twitter time more efficient, archiving Tweets, and more!

Learn to Use Twitter

Twitter itself offers some great tutorials on how to use the service. Here are some useful ones:

Image and Video Apps

Adding images and video to Twitter has never been easier. Media can be inserted directly into the tweet online and in-app and will not take up any of the allotted 140 character count. See the Posting photos or GIFs on Twitter and Sharing and watching videos on Twitter articles for more information. 

URL Shorteners

If you did not want to use the Twitter URL shortener, there are many URL shorteners to choose from, so it is important to know what to look for so you pick the shortener that is right for you, especially if you wanted analytics for your tweet interactions. 

What to Look for:

  • Tools: Some URL shorteners come with tracking and social media management tools that can help you gather statistics, which can make it easier to optimize and measure the success of your Tweets.
  • Compatibility: If you use other tools to manage your Twitter account, you will want to use a URL shortener that those tools support.
  • Customization: Some URL shorteners will let you incorporate your business name into links, only use lower case letters, or customize your shortened URLs in other ways.
  • URL Length: While all URL shorteners will shorten URLs, some shorten them more than others.
  • Reliability: Make sure you choose a reliable service. You don’t want your links to break if the service experiences frequent downtime or disappears entirely.  
  • Redirect: Permanent redirect (301) tells search engines that the URL has permanently moved to the full length URL you’ve shortened from. This is important when you shorten URLs for links on your website so you are credited for the traffic.
  • Bloopers: Look carefully at shortened URLs before posting them to make sure that the random characters that make up shortened URLs do not spell a word that may be considered offensive.

Popular URL Shorteners and Selected Characteristics: