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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

How to Find Articles

How and where to find articles using the Library website.

Online Journals & Databases

The Online Journals & Databases tool allows you to search by title for journals, newspapers, and databases. 

1. The Online Journals & Databases tool can be accessed from the Library homepage. Go to the "Databases and Journals" tab in the light blue bar underneath Easy Search and select "Online Journals and Databases."

2. Type the title of the journal you are looking for into the search box. You can choose "starts with" if you know exactly how the title starts. Otherwise, choose "contains."

3. Scroll through the results page until you locate the correct title. If more than one database has that journal, check the "Available from" description underneath each listed databases to make sure you choose one that includes the date the article you are looking for was published. 


4. When you click on the journal of database title, a new 'Discover' window will pop up. Click the database link to continue on to the publication.

5. Once in the journal, there will be a section that lists all of the years, volumes, and issues. You can locate your article within the correct volume and issue. 

Journal & Article Locator

The Journal and Article Locator is a tool that allows you to search for journals by title.

  1. Go to the Library homepage and click the "Databases and Journals" tab. Then select "Journal and Article Locator."

  2. Search for the journal name. 

  3. Click on the "E-Journal Keyword Matches."

  4. This will take you to the "Online Journals and Databases" page from the previous section on this page, "Online Journals and Databases". Start at step 3 to get to the correct volume and issue of the journal.

Easy Search

When you search for a journal in Easy Search, the "Suggestions" box at the top will give a link to search results in the Online Journals and Databases tool. If the journal is popular, there might also be a direct link to the journal.

If you use the "Online Journals and Databases" link, you will be directed to the "Online Journals and Databases" page. To search for your journal article, start at Step 3 in the section "Online Journals and Databases" on this page.