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Resources for SI Associates [IBC]: Company Comparison Tips

Questions to Consider

Below are questions to consider when comparing companies to assess the industry landscape and market, along with where to locate the information.


What is their revenue and net profit? How have these figures increased or decreased over time?
Search various company information databses to locate this information. Be sure to compare figures across multiple databses for private companies. The level of detail and years available will depend on the company.

Is their revenue per employee ratio high or low?
Calculate revenue per employee and compare among companies

What services do they offer? How do these services compare with competitors? Have they entered any adjacent markets?
Company websites usually outline all services a company offers. Consider whether these services qualify as an "adjacent market."

Has this company merged with or acquired any other companies?
Check news articles and company databases. If they have acquired other companies, consider why they may have done so. What edge did this give the company?

Has the company expanded their headquarters or opened offices in new locations?
Check the addresses of subsidiaries. Has this company opened multiple offices in a certain location or country? News articles may also give clues to this.

Websites to Check Out

Below are websites of interest Engineering, scientific & technical consultants

While this website is somewhat dated, it lists companies that provide engineering consulting services. This may serve as a valuable starting point in determining competitors.


World Nuclear Association

Connects multiple organizations related to nuclear power. The association may be able to connect you to contacts to conduct primary research.


Nuclear Industry Association

While this organization is based in the UK, they may have relevant resources and contacts.